Sunday, August 6, 2017

Trump as a Mad Max metaphor: Immortan Joe and the War Boys

A mere movie villain?
Immortan Donald
George: Oh, that it were only so. But he’s not. He’s one of the Mad Max antiheroes like Immortan Joe. Trump's White House is a chaotically choreographed political satire. Unfortunately, in the real world.
Bill: There’s also something ominous about the gum-chewing, bull-necked supporters who cheer him on. Like an army of Caucasian Kim Jong Un clones clinging to a string of broken promises. Like the War Boys in Mad Max. Their support is hardly waning. He lies outrageously. And he can because his supporters know little of politics or economics. Groupthink. Did you see this picture in The Economist? You are what you drive.
You are what you drive...
George: And you become what you drive.
Bill: Of course, none of them will look in the mirror and see themselves as most of the rest of the world views them.

The Economist Special Report on America Divided might help Trump supporters feel like they are winning. But the choice of photographs profiling those supporters is a clever underlying subplot identifying “Just who ARE these people?”

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