Thursday, August 3, 2017

Scaramucci set up

Game of Thrones…
Donald: What to do about Priebus?
Ivan: You should bring in someone who will backstab him by leaking stuff on him.
Donald: That’s what I’m saying. I have these brilliant ideas. Bring in someone to get rid of Priebus so I’m not seen to be the one doing the firing.
Daily Telegraph
Ivan: Someone like Anthony Scaramucci.
Donald: I’m saying someone like Anthony Scaramucci. Set him up to go pottymouth on Priebus and Bannon to a reporter. Shoots himself in the foot, big time. Then bring in someone else to fire him. Before he is even officially employed. I have these brilliant ideas.

Did it happen this way? Was it a well-thought-out plot, or was it simply an absence of planning? As usual Donald takes the credit from wherever he can get it.

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