Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dentist and Driver Jabber

Local CoCo Bus
Verily on vocational patter…
Jeff: My dentist talks all the time. Open a little wider. There we go. That’s it. This might sting a bit. Take a good rinse. Good. All finished now.
Venn: Sounds like my bus driver. Talks all the time, too. Turning right here. Hold on tight. Don’t forget anything when you get off. Door closing, careful.
Jeff: The culture?
Venn: Could be the area. A lot of little CoCo buses.
Jeff: And a lot of dentists around here, too. Six in this street alone.

Keeping up a patter while working gives the impression of thinking things through. DP: A dentist reassuring the patient, a driver reassuring the passengers. RR: Reassuring all the residents. CCC: A community culture of caring!

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