Friday, January 6, 2017

Contrasting Ipoh and Taiping

Ho and Bro tout their hometown attractions…
Ho: I recommend you go to Ipoh. Heritage buildings, street murals, balanced multiculture. But mainly, go to see the limestone. That’s most of all.
Bro: Karst landscape. Rugged beauty. Majestic verticality. But my town, Taiping. Aah! A town built around ten lakes fringed with rain trees. Serenity. What more can you dream of?
Ho: But karst has a natural grandeur. It is so old. Three hundred, four hundred million years of rain carving. Taiping’s lakes are only a hundred and fifty years. Holes carved by tin-mining. Not so natural.
Bro: But Taiping’s rain trees? That’s nature!
Ho: And the age of the trees? 100 to 200 years? Cannot hold a candle.

Cliffs carved by rain over millions of years. Lakes carved out of tin mines run dry. Geological grandeur vs botanical beauty vie for visitor viewings. Such might be the summary of sights in Ipoh and Taiping.

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