Friday, December 30, 2016

Right-Wrong, Right-Left

2016 ushers in an uncertain 2017...
George: A year of reductionist slogans.
Bill: Reductionist ad absurdums. Reductionism is the root of mendacity.
George: But powerful. You’re right or you’re wrong. You’re on the right or on the left.
Bill: A year of the word “right” being trotted out a lot.  Right-wrong. Right-left. Imagine an army being told to march only with its right foot. Right, Right, Right.
George: Goes round in circles.
Entering an era of manipulating the masses through simplistic slogans. Trump, Johnson, Farrage, Le Pen, et al.

Party politics and international issues are discussed through nuanced diplomacy, not by an infantile fist raised in front of a Christmas tree.

Kudos to John Kerry’s speech about Palestinian rights in increasingly rightist Israeli political environment. See also 5 Broken Cameras by Palestinian Burnat and Israeli Davidi.

One goal of Political Science 101: Focusing awareness of issues away from simple hysteria and on to nuanced honesty.

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