Monday, August 15, 2016

It didn't happen… to Uchimura

Unrealistic pessimism…
Alexei: Gymnastics makes me feel like saying ‘How do they DO that?’ Especially Uchimura.
Horsing around on the pommel
Vitaly: He was worried before Rio. After what happened in London. Landing badly from the pommel horse. He thought things might go wrong again.
Alexei: But it didn’t happen. He got the gold.
Vitaly: And then that $5,000 he racked up in roaming charges playing Pokemon. It’s a lot.
Alexei: But it didn’t happen. Softbank capped his charges at $30 a day.
Google Pommel
Kohei Uchimura had a rocky 2012 London Olympics. He said he changed his routine too close to the event and turned in a performance less stellar than his usual. But he changed strategy for 2016 Rio. He fixed his routine a year before and practiced that every day. He also focused on the team gold. This time it did happen!

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