Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Decorator crabs and cosplay

Decoration as disguise and defence…
Moshe: Certain crabs are supposed to beautify themselves with seaweed.

Will: I think you are referring to decorator crabs. Don’t you mean they try to disguise themselves?

Moshe: Isn’t that what dress is about? Beautification is an act of disguise.

Will: I understand some crabs also drape themselves with toxic algae to protect against predators.

Moshe: Yes. Some human costumes look toxic too.

Do you think they'll see us?
The Majoidea crabs which attach materials to their shells do so to hide from, or to ward off predators. Most people decorate themselves to stand out from the background, to attract attention. For a few however, the act of decoration may be to isolate themselves or occasionally hide.

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