Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Charging birds tree rent

Looking up into a tree…

Peter Finch: It’s a nest.

Petunia Lark: Inhabited?

Peter Finch: Yes. Look. Eager beaks.

Petunia Lark: Didn’t see it before. I should charge them rent. It’s my garden, after all. How long have they been there do you think?

Peter Finch: They take a week to make the nest, a couple of weeks to hatch the eggs, a couple of weeks to fly. Stay with the parents for a couple more weeks then they chase away the chicks to start their own lives.

Petunia Lark: Five weeks rent. Do they use the nest again? Can I keep it? Should I trash it?

Peter Finch: Very clean birds. They make a new nest for each brood. You can keep it as a memento of their visit.

Zosterops japonicas: gregarious, inquisitive, monogamous birds. Take care not to disturb them too much when nesting.

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