Sunday, May 15, 2016

Boiled frog and blinded rabbit

Animal accident metaphors
The premise…
Kermit: It is said that if a frog is put in boiling water, it’ll jump out, but if it is placed in cold water which is then heated, it will stay in until it is cooked to death.

Lapin: The metaphor being that the slowly boiled frog won’t react to the danger.

Kermit: But we do. Jump. Out of even slowly boiled water. We get uncomfortable, we move. Frogs are not stupid. Rabbits are. They freeze in the headlights of an approaching car.

Lapin: But headlights come out of nowhere. That’s paralyzing.
So frogs do respond to creeping change in normality. A canard, an unfounded story.

Rabbits do not run when caught in bright lights. If you say, like Mma Ramotswe, “This is very well known,” there is no need to prove it.

Regardless of whether these phenomena of tranquil or panicked stupor are true or not, they are vivid metaphors.

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