Sunday, April 17, 2016

Primavera: A garden with no dead plants?

Figures conversing in a painting…
Plants have to be beautiful and healthy

Chloris: Your garden always looks so… so WELL. But something puzzles me. There are no DEAD plants in your garden. I think that when they get sick you throw them out?

Flora: I can’t stand looking at anemic pathetic plants. They have to be beautiful and healthy.

Chloris: That’s a bit brutal.

Flora: I say to them: “You have five days to turn yourself around or you’ll be replaced.”

Chloris: When I see a sick plant, I put it in my plant hospital, I nurture it back to life.

Flora: Nursing is a noble calling.

Flora may sound a little severe but she’s a busy goddess with a big territory to cover (500 species of plants in this corner of her garden alone). And it is heartening that she acknowledges the happiness in healing. Open to interpretation of course. The Dowager Countess of Downton Abbey might have intoned “noble calling” rather archly.

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