Thursday, April 7, 2016

Describing flowers and food

On a geranium...
Chocolate and burgundy

Arthur: Intriguing. Black and red.

Guinivere:  The florist said it’s a "black velvet red" which has "dark enigmatic foliage."

Arthur: But this has vivid green leaves with dark red burgundy flowers.

Guinivere: So I'm almost tempted to describe them as "beguilingly broody blooms."

Arthur: A woman might put it that way.
Flower commentators borrow from the metaphorical verbiage of wine critics. The flower has chocolate-colored centers blending into burgundy at the edges. Colors you can taste! Eyes triggering an explosion of dessert delight on the palate. The flower is the signifier, the words of color signify. Shadowing Umberto Eco who saw signs everywhere.

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