Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter egg hunt with binomial nomenclature clues

You’ll find…
Uncle: Two eggs, one chicken and two rabbits, one each, underneath five of the trees in the garden.

Nephew: Which trees?

Uncle: I’ll tell you the first one. It’s Cordyline australis. Or do you want the common name?
Do Easter rabbits hatch from eggs?

Nephew: The common name.

Uncle: Cabbage tree.

Nephew: Found it. Here’s another note. “Olea europaea.” What’s THAT?

Uncle: Olive tree.


And so it went. The nephew knew no Linnaean names but he recognized most trees from the common names. Helped by an accompanying picture. Rewarded with two chocolate eggs, a chocolate chicken and two chocolate rabbits. He asked if rabbits come from eggs. No, but he was rewarded in a Pavlovian way for remembering scientific names of five trees.

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