Friday, October 23, 2015

Mad Max as Survivalism Downunder

Oil vs water and vegetation...
Melvin: In a future world, the desperate and the hungry will pillage what we grow. We need to be survivalists.

Marvin: You’re into survivalism?

Melvin: It was the 80s. I looked at a map and thought where’s the furthest place I can go? Australia. Worked on a farm in Wagga Wagga. So recently I’ve been thinking. Maybe get out of Asia and establish a green place in Australia.
Head for the bolt-hole!

Marvin: Establish a bolt-hole, you mean. To bolt there when things turn nasty up top. And bolt the door.

Melvin: Except that Mad Max was set in Australia. That was extreme survivalism.

Survivalism: Preparing for social, economic, environmental, invasion crises. Survivalists prepare emergency food, water, tools, weapons. They may undergo training or build shelters.

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