Monday, September 7, 2015

The Economist: Conservative or Liberal?

The Economist supports gay marriage.
Left or right?

M. Quested: Quora‘s becoming my social media channel. People ask interesting questions.

M. Moore: And you get interesting insights. For example, someone asked is the Economist newspaper right wing or left wing?

M. Quested: Oh it’s right wing, of course.

M. Moore: Well, not all the time. Economically it tends to be conservative, right wing, even republican, like in supporting free markets. But in terms of social issues it tends to be liberal. It supports gay marriage and legalization of drugs. I like it because it’s left and right.

M. Quested: And it’s consistently well-written?

M. Moore: I wouldn’t have been reading it every week for more 30 years if it wasn’t.

You can read the views of credible people on Quora. On this question even editors of the Economist left their comments.

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