Saturday, September 12, 2015

Low-tech high-tech visit to Linnaeus Hammarby

A summer place
On visiting a remote farm out of Uppsala…

Carl: A serene place, silent but for bees buzzing. Bit awkward to get to though. Bus runs twice an hour and the bus stop 40 minutes walk from the farm.

Lars: So how did you get there? 

Carl: Rented a bike from the Bangladeshi cyclery near the bibliotek. 

Lars: You could find the way?
GPS route to Linnaeus Hammarby

Carl: Used GPS on the phone.

Lars: How long did it take?

Carl: 90 minutes going, 45 minutes coming back.

Lars: Why the difference? 

Carl: Going there I had to keep stopping to read the GPS map. Coming back I knew the way, and didn’t need to stop. Headed for the cathedral towers.

Lars: GPS wastes time? 

Carl: Not at all. Couldn't have found Hammarby easily without it.

GPS mapping is a boon to those who have an unreliable internal compass. But beware dropping the phone to read the GPS, or flattening the battery through frequent checking to see you’re on the right cycle track. And it didn’t predict road construction. But cycling through the silent Swedish countryside recalls wild strawberries. Aah!

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