Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Wisdom of Slow Decisions

After a frustrating purchase…
Ella: I bought a pocket wifi, ignoring the “Fools rush in” principle. Put a card in, no internet connection.

Bella: Did support help?

Ella: It took an army of them, four hours. First, they had to register the data card number with my passport number. Second, the data card was telephone, not internet data. Third, the card was upgraded, at extra cost, still no connection. Fourth, went to carrier helpdesk, the guys there couldn’t find the problem. Nice but hopeless. Fifth, called the pocket wifi helpdesk, no reply. Sixth, someone said the 4G card wasn’t compatible a 3G pocket wifi, did that, no result.

Bella: A litany of joyless frustration?

Ella: I was ready to leave the pocket wifi with them forever. Smiling nicely, of course. But finally a techie girl tweaked the pocket wifi settings and it came online.

Bella: Heaven comes to he who waits?

Ella: Patience did win the day.

Try before you buy, or buyer better beware!

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