Saturday, August 15, 2015

Contemporary Costs of Car Maintenance

A not so ancient limo is appraised…

Spannerhands: The verdict is not good. Two small leaks: one from the steering, another from the transmission.

Huey: Can’t they be fixed?

Spannerhands: They can. But only by removing and disassembling the rack and the gearbox.

Huey: Costly.

Spannerhands: Could be more than the vehicle’s value. Pity. The car runs good as new. You’d never believe it had a fatal condition.

Huey: Back in the days, the 60s, even the 70s, you could maintain your own car. Now you can’t. Not without specialized computer diagnostics.

Spannerhands: They’ve locked out the do it yourselfer.

And with 40% of new car costs being in the software needed to run the vehicle, Spannerhands hasn’t got much of a show of fixing it himself nowadays. Car runs perfectly but it’s headed for the scrapheap. Sent there because a couple of leaks. Shame.

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