Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Post-photography group photos of Gary McLeod

David Hockney: Photo Montage

Gary McLeod explains his approach to group photos...

WH: Your group photographs are amazing. How do you make them?

GM: I locate the group in an interesting place. Then start shooting.

WH: The group as a whole?

GM: Individually, in pairs, even in small groups.

WH: Multiple photos?

GM: I take a lot of shots. Sometimes hundreds. Process them. Then arrange them in a montage.

WH: It takes time?

GM: A sitting can take an hour or two. Processing and constructing much longer.

WH: And what genre is this?

GM: You might see it as post-photography. The image is not technology-driven, a single lens-defined image. The artist manipulates the images to create a unique vision.
Gary's group photos are constructions using deconstructed images joined together.
An introduction to the group portraits of Gary MacLeod is here.

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