Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Comparing and contrasting flowers


Two female gardeners…
Daisy: Guess.

Lily: A hibiscus.

Daisy: Nope. Looks a little similar I suppose. It’s a Solandra maxima.

Lily: Pretty.

Daisy: And poisonous, it’s of the nightshade family.
Model for comparing and contrasting two similar flowers...

Pansies and petunias are popular spring and summer flowers.

Pansies were originally wildflowers of Europe and western Asia. They like sun and well-drained soils. They don’t like excessive heat. The name comes from the Latin “pensare” (also French “pensée”) meaning ‘thought’..

Petunias are flowering plants originally from South America. They like sunshine, dry atmosphere and moist soil. They flower in spring and summer. The name originates from a Guarani word for ‘tobacco’.

Both pansies and petunias are easy to grow. There are many hybrids and many colors.

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