Sunday, March 8, 2015

IQ84 symbolism

Two moons of a parallel world
After a long read…

Tengo: Finally finished it.

Aomame: Took you a while.

Tengo: Yes. Three years, in fact.

Aomame: What held you up?

Tengo: It was a trilogy, and there were other books, shorter books. IQ84 ran to 925 pages, after all. Not a bad read though. Checked most boxes: suspenseful story, descriptive detail, psychological insight. And full of symbols.

Aomame: Symbols?

Tengo: Two moons signifying parallel universes. There were little people and air chrysalises but Murakami didn’t exactly suggest what these meant.

Aomame: Hmm. What are we to make of it?
Was this tale of colliding realism and magic convincing? Reviews were mostly good, some doubters. Baxter liked it. Maslin didn’t. Dipping into it over three years puts Tengo in the middle it seems.

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