Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Rule-governed and Freestyle Sports

At Hakuba…

Hiroko: Why go back country skiing instead of staying on the ski slopes?

Kenta: It’s like the difference between seeing lions in the wild and lions in the zoo.

Hiroko: But you have to walk up. Carrying skis. On the ski fields the lift takes you to the top.

Kenta: Aah, but the snow is different. Powder snow. Even champagne snow.

Hiroko: And the danger. What if you fall in a drift and suffocate? Like several recently?

Kenta: Don’t ski alone. Ski in a group. And ski down one at a time. If someone falls, you can dig them out.
Team sports follow rules.
Individual sports can be rule-governed or freestyle.
More parallels for back country skiing and ski slope skiing:
Snorkeling in a pool vs. snorkeling in the sea.
Lake sailing vs. ocean sailing.
A day cycle ride vs. a round the world cycle trek.

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