Friday, January 23, 2015

Fouled Plugs and Stale Petrol

1949 BSA
Oh woe, it will not go…

Mech: What’re the symptoms?

WBB: It’s been sitting, it started, then I shut it down, came back, it turned over, then backfired with a great BANG.

Mech: Let’s take a look (unscrews spark plug). Plug’s fouled. Coated with carbon, see? The spark grounds on the metal shell rather than jumping the gap. And the petrol smells old.

WBB: You can tell?

Mech: Sommeliers have noses. Mechanics have noses too.

WBB: Gas I bought in 1949.

Mech: Ewq. New petrol, new plug.

Bike engines are fussier than car engines. If the machine has been stored, and you can start it, keep it running, take it out on the highway for a half-hour run. Otherwise, as Mech says, "New petrol, new plug."

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