Saturday, September 6, 2014

Om: Spirituality and Science

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Disciple: Sensei, the teaching says that chanting OM as a mantra reaches out into the universe.
OM symbol (Devanagari)

Guru: The vibration of OM began the universe, it became the name of God, it is divine energy. By chanting OM we connect with the universe.

Disciple: A man of science, called Murakami, says that when we chant mantras like OM, the sound of it affects our DNA. He cites experiments with DNA and with frogs.

Guru: Chanting sets up a vibration which reaches inside us and creates wellbeing and spirituality. Sound waves, and light waves too, affect us in ways science has not yet well investigated.

Disciple: So when I chant OM, am I connecting with the universe, or am I connecting with DNA and feeling good?

Guru: The outer, beyond us, and the inner, within us, may be connected. Neither view contradicts the other. They are in harmony.

The guru acknowledges observations of thousands of years, but accepts that modern experiments may reveal another explanation. He seeks understanding and accepts an alternative approach, and doesn’t insist on a differing dogma.

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