Friday, July 25, 2014

Narrative Mapping on an Angry Birds Trajectory?

Mapping a Narrative Trajectory
Two narratologists explore how to map a trajectory…

Roland: A story starts off with characters. A problem, it may be another character, or an event like a war, ushers in a problem. A conflict ensues. A resolution emerges.

Raymond: Similar to what Bremond calls a state of deficiency or a satisfactory state, progressing through a procedure of improvement and ends usually with the establishment of a satisfactory state?

Roland: It begins at A, rising to B, and falls back to C. We might call this a narrative trajectory. Like mapping an Angry Birds trajectory.

Raymond: Classical narratives such as fairy tales might be mapped like this. But what about post-classical narratives, with flashbacks and flashforwards? An Angry Birds trajectory can’t show that.
The answer to what a post-classical narrative trajectory looks is a flashback to tomorrow’s post.

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