Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Channel Surfing

Zig-zagging through the night...
Arriving at work…

Basillia: Rough night.

Samantha: Didn’t sleep?

Basillia: Channel surfed.

Samantha: You zap?

Basillia: (Shrugs) I zigzag like a Zygoptera.

Samantha: Excuse me?

Basillia: Dart like a damsel fly. But never zero in.

Samantha: Hmm. You surf other media?

Basillia: Sure. Newspapers, magazines, books. I surf my Kindle. And music on my iPod too.

Samantha: A zany zapper.

Basillia: It’s my New York attention span. And Gen X is conditioned that way. I surf people’s faces, shop windows and car license plates.
Channel surfing arose from people’s TV behavior as remote controls became widely-used in the mid 1980s. A strong explanation for the behavior sees it as linked with inattentiveness and laziness. But a weaker explanation could merely be that it’s a search pattern or a relaxing routine. It may be driving a pattern of shortened attention spans, and it could also intensify sleeplessness…

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