Monday, May 5, 2014

Dogs of Twin Cities

Dog communities as reflections of human communities…

Benito: Guarenas or Guatire? Which is friendlier?

I have good chats with my provider... 
Rómulo: I’ve lived in both. Thing I’ve found is, you can tell the difference in people by the difference in the class of dogs in the town.

Benito: Class of dogs?

Rómulo: Yes. Let me tell you. In Guarenas the dogs are friendly, smiling and tail-wagging. Lots of Labradors. Guarenas has a better class of dog.

Benito: You have a point. In Guatire so many dogs snarl and strain at the leash. Pete bools. 
I train my handler to think like me...

Rómulo: Don’t get me wrong. Some people need protection. But a critical mass of cuddly dogs can change a population into being cuddly too. And the corollary is, perhaps pit bulls precipitate a population of pugnacious pugilists.
Despite the gratuitous alliteration, Rómulo has a point about the owners of dogs. Lolling labradors appeal to friendly folk. Why would a friendly individual want a pitbull? Perhaps some people might want one as an extension of their own aggression. Maybe an aggressive minority uses dogs as a cultural weapon.

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