Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Messiah as Ballet

Meeting the Messiah…

Audi: Great show.

Christian: Thanks.

Audi: I liked the joy you exuded. Dancing with the children. And the miracles you worked on the blind and the sick. Bearing the betrayal. And ending with the crucifixion.

Christian: We thought it would be good to contrast the charity and joy in the nature of Jesus with the greed and evil of the Pharisees and Judas.

Audi: Telling the story of Christ only through dance and Karl Jenkins music… even Jesus Christ Superstar included lyrics as verbal storytelling. Took the Bible into a new dimension.

Another innovative production by the Austrian Ballet Company led by Rio Mitani and Christian Martinu: dancers, choreographers, teachers, and directors. Take this around the schools!

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