Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Hesitant Electrician

Umming and Ahing…

John Houseman: Can you transport a fridge on its side? Manufacturer warns not to truck on its side.

Hesitant Electrician: Well, er, it’s possible.

John Houseman: I want to move it from my home to my office. 20 kilometers. Takes about an hour.

Hesitant Electrician: An hour, hmm.

John Houseman: It’ll fit in the back of the car lying down.

Hesitant Electrician: Lying down. Ah, yes.

John Houseman: I was worried about the refrigerant or the motor parts.

Hesitant Electrician: Delicate parts, hmm. The motor is on springs. But I think, er, I think you can stand it up when you get there. Leave it for some hours. Umm, twenty-four or so.

John Houseman: So I can carry it on its side. Short distance won’t hurt.

Hesitant Electrician: I’ve not heard – aah, people having problems. After trucking lying down. Much.


We are accustomed to confident professional pronouncements. Such as, "No problem!" Or "Don't even think about it!" Hesitancy on the part of a professional can make you doubt competency. Or it can guide you to a mutual  conclusion. Particularly when there are conflicting data and anecdotes. Hesitancy may be welcome in a climate of noisy overconfidence.

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