Monday, March 24, 2014

Nope Yep

Swift and Sleek
Fast and Furious 

Brian: Great movie.

Betsy: Trash.

Brian: But you like action.

Betsy: Not cars.

Brian: Drift cars are a culture.

Betsy: Subculture. As in subnormal.

Brian: Some would say sublime. I have an idea. Your black Toyota. Paint some red stripes on that and we’d have a Mustang lookalike.

Betsy: Nope.

Brian: You sound dead set against it.

Betsy: Yep. End of discussion.

Betsy is adamant. She signals this by ending her dissent "No" and assent "Yes" with the unvoiced plosive /p/. An audible punctuation mark. "Nope!" "Yep!" Signalling an incontestable, indubitable, incontrovertible viewpoint. An unequivocal. unarguable, unassailable position. This lady’s not for drifting.

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