Thursday, March 13, 2014

Identity Investment

You wish to learn French 
to win at tennis?
Clyde declares he will take lessons…
Bonny: French? You’re not French.

Clyde: When I play tennis with Rochefoucald, I speak French to him. He says my accent is so bad he cannot help but laugh. And when he laughs, he loses the point.

Bonny: That is your motivation for learning French?

Clyde: Mais oui. If I learn even more French, he will laugh more and I will win more often.

Bonny: But if you become good at French, you will develop a French identity. Then when you speak, Rochefoucald will not laugh, he will win the tennis and you will lose your investment.

Clyde: Then I must find a teacher to teach me bad French. Hercule Poirot? Belgian French peut-être. That is the identity I must invest in.

Motivation for learning a language is being tied to investing in identity. See Norton (2000).


rolenzo said...

then, learning to ride a hog is an investment in pork bellies?

rolenzo said...
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Barry Natusch said...

Classic! Just as learning to garden is motivates to cook lamb (Gardner and Lambert, 1972).