Sunday, January 12, 2014

Talk in Salons and Garages

Hair stylist and auto mechanic conversation...

Hair Stylist: I like talk to customers. And they like to talk. Mostly.
Auto Mechanic: I'm not so keen.
Hair Stylist: Because?
Auto Mechanic: I have to focus on fixing. Chat distracts from that.
Hair Stylist: Maybe your customers ask, "What's wrong?" and "How much will it be?" And they ask before you can answer?
Auto Mechanic: Yup.
Hair Stylist: But in the salon, chat is easy topics. Maybe it starts with how to cut, how to condition, other customers coming and going, then on to a local restaurant, to a recipe, to a movie, sometimes family matters.
Auto Mechanic: Yup.


The hair stylist's word count is 69. The auto mechanic's word count is 16.

Salon Metaphor: Women's talk is like a sudsy shampoo flowing through follicles. Men's talk is like snipping split ends.

Garage Metaphor: Women's talk is like gasoline flowing through an injection system. Men's talk is like a Q&A fault-finding flowchart.

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