Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sleeping Beauty Multiple Fairy Tale Ending

After Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty…
Teliqua: Great ballet. And a full orchestra with it. Good deal: two for the price of one. The ending had me a bit puzzled though. The wedding act having that parade of fairy tales. Cinderella. Red Riding Hood. Puss in Boots. What was that all about?
Tawanda: Wedding entertainment.
Teliqua: Having all those extra stories in at the end seemed a bit gratuitous. I mean, a ballet is usually a standalone story. Don Quixote, Peter Pan, Swan Lake. Why throw in that medley of Cinderella and Red Riding Hood?
Tawanda: Interesting question.
Teliqua: Why didn’t they throw in Mickey Mouse?
Tawanda: Silly. Mickey Mouse is a character with many stories. Those others are one-story characters.
The narrative arc of Sleeping Beauty experiences a series of tremors at the end of the ballet version.

Problem: Evil fairy casts a spell on Princess Aurora.
Conflict: Lilac Fairy attempts a fix but the willful teenage princess, ignoring the cautions of parents, grabs the spindle and falls into a coma anyway.
Solution: Enter handsome princess who kisses Aurora awake; wedding celebrations include medley of other fairy tales; a singing, dancing, happy ending.
But then... we get...

And as for Mickey Mouse? He started out in 1928 as a bumbling suitor of Minnie Mouse but morphed into a fixit man with a bunch of interesting friends. Now his name is a pejorative epithet for dysfunctional machines or procedures such as “Mickey Mouse outfit.” This would be hard to fit in.

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