Friday, January 31, 2014

Pork cutlet sandwich meeting

Not pork cutlet
Dissatisfaction inducing a dinner denunciation…
Vera: Aaargh! This meeting started at two, now the agenda has run past seven! You would think that everyone would want it to end it quickly and not argue.
Vega: Often as not, some get tediously bloody-minded and argue just for the sake of it. It's as if the longer the meeting runs, the more acrimonious it gets and the slower it goes. And then they give us pork cutlet sandwiches.
Vera: No gourmet dishes tonight!
Vega: How about samosas?
Vera: That would be better than stale sandwiches! Fit the bill, fill a space!
Vega: Go down a treat!
A conversation with three part rhythms:

“The longer the meeting, the greater the frustration, the slower it goes.”
A cascade of intensifying causes and effects.

“Fit the bill, fill a space, go down a treat.”

A sequence of actions and results.
Some internal rhyming and alliteration are also evident.

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