Thursday, November 7, 2013

Monologic and Dialogic News Models

Monologic News Model
Queenie questions a quotation

Q: What means this, dialogic news?
Dialogic News Model

A: Mikhail Bakhtin. We define dialogic in opposition to monologic.

Q: You talk in riddles.

A: Not at all. I’m drawing on literary theory to explain media theory. A monologue is a soliloquy. There is only one direction. A monologist monopolizes. Bakhtin identified dialogic literature as being that which is  in communication with other works. It goes in two directions; past literatures are altered by present ones.
Same thing is happening with media nowadays.
Mikhail Bakhtin may have been referring to dialogues between writers and their works of literature. Applying literary theory to media theory: Web 2.0 has resulted in news media evolving from a monologic model into a dialogic one.


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