Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Opposite of Hundertwasser?

Semantics on an architectural hinge…
Übertreibenmann: I heard even the floors are uneven in Hunderwasserhaus.
Stickler: Not true. The structure is higgledy-piggledy but the floors are flat.
National Museum Western Art
Übertreibenmann: So what’s the opposite of Hundertwasser?
Stickler: A PERSON cannot have an OPPOSITE.
Übertreibenmann: I mean, if his work is so anarchic, what’s an architecture that is totalitarian?
Stickler: Brutalism, I guess. Le Corbusier?
Stickler’s protest is fair enough. The perfect opposite probably only exists in a world of mathematics. But Übertreibenmann’s contention that CONTRAST can be discerned is also fair enough.

(from Extremes Attract, 2013)

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