Sunday, June 10, 2012

Whatever hocks your holly

Cyclo returns home to an atmosphere of indifference...
Cyclo: Went by some hollyhocks today.
Psycho Chick: Yeah? Whatever.
Cyclo: Really. I took a picture. See?
Psycho Chick: Whatever hocks your holly.
Cyclo: Hmm. Unimpressed. Or mad at something?
Psycho Chick: Gestures the “W.”

Whatever, used by itself, is a less than polite way to express indifference: “I don’t care what you think.” A one-word sentence. It has been described as a “passive-aggressive conversational blocking tool”.
The Urban Dictionary (a vote counter, not a concordancer) gives more examples.


Anonymous said...

There are two ways for thinking the "Whatever": positive and negative. Whatever you think about, that's alright. Trying to think about the good points. Whatever you like, you just do it. Trying don't think about the negative. Want to have a healthy life? Whatever you think about, please be positive.

Barry Natusch said...

Quite right, "whatever" can be positive or negative.

Despite the negative feelings expressed by "whatever" when used by itself, it has positive feelings in "whatever it takes" (meaning anything) or "whatever next" (meaning surprise).