Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rationalist Paradigm vs Narrative Paradigm

Aristotle’s disciples discuss his rationalist and narrative paradigms.

Rationalist: Information is best transmitted by a reasoned approach: defining the question, hypothesizing an answer and presenting an argument to support this. Logic. Logos.

Narrativist: People pick up information through stories, too. Set a scene, set a problem and show a solution. Emotional involvement. Pathos.

Perhaps there is not such a great difference here. Both paradigms are three step processes. 
Both progress logically and sequentially. Both have a beginning, middle and end.


Anonymous said...

Beginning, middle and the end. It's the process of all events. There are many questions that we need to fix, then find out the solution. How about make our life easier, no questions, smoothly go through the event with happy ending as well.

Barry Natusch said...

Three is a special number. Not only the three-part structure of beginning>middle>end. Noun phrases are sometimes strung together in threes: "... on land, sea and air..." or story elements repeated as in "The Three Little Pigs".