Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On FaceBook everyone knows you're a cat

Sketch of a General Cat    

Jerry: You Photoshopped your photo into a sketch?
Tom: What do you think?
Jerry: You’ve gone from being You The Cat to being merely a Generic Cat.
Tom: I needed a new avatar. I stuck with being a cat because, in the end, on FaceBook, everyone knows you are a cat.
Jerry: You got that from somewhere.
Tom: Maybe. Who cares? Everything these days is a derivative. A mixture. A mashup. OK, so the structure came from somewhere but the words are mine.
The deep structure generates a variety of sentences:

Location + Entity + Verb + Personal reference + Copula + Entity
On the internet + nobody + knows + you + are + a dog
On FaceBook + everyone + knows + you + are + a cat

Look forward to more quotations like this sheep in wolf’s clothing!

Chomsky might agree the surface structure is creative. A little.


Anonymous said...

A multiculture cat? In a global word, it's hard for identifying what the cat's character is. She might be a Tiger or she might be a duck with the beautiful pattern on her body. Look at the cute face, she is telling you "Hey, i am not a cat, i am a Tiger with an attractive outlook and confidence innermost. My face, is the protection color what i need to have only.

Barry Natusch said...

Oh dear, maybe the avatar is SO overdone that the CAT now resembles a DUCK!

Nevertheless, I think that this cat's representation still shows an underlying calmness of spirit. It sits confidently.

Drag On said...

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Barry Natusch said...

Hello 龍!
Germane Bread?
Sounds like a militant Australian home-maker. Which is a multicultural country. So it is germane indeed to greet with a 新年快楽!
May you steer through your year, in top gear with no fear, Bombardier!