Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cabinet reshuffle backstory

The politics behind the politics
Reshuffle already? After only four months in office?
Officially, he’s doing it because two ministers messed up. Opposition says he’s doing it to cause a diversion to push through the tax increase.
And the word on the street?
Word on the street is this: One: He’s made his rival Okada deputy PM. Two: Then he announced that Okada will oversee the tax increase. Three: This tax reform will cause an outcry and is sure to fail. Four: The public will crucify Okada. Five: Noda stays as PM. That’s the back story. Set up a rival to fall on his sword.

Political analysis is never simple, but here there are at least three versions:
(1) The official announcement: cabinet reshuffle.

(2) Opposition takes the opportunity to shine a light on the hidden agenda: tax increase.
(3) Back story: conspiracy theory.



Anonymous said...

Before blamed of someone else, he/she needs to think about "what did i do to others" first. Political is like a gamble, always play the game with each other. They need to find out the new "game" for playing in next step. "Wherever you come, wherever you go". People never think about when they play the game, they already lose everything. Doing the best for people, that's what the politicians need to.

Barry Natusch said...

"Doing the best of (for) the people, that's what politicians need to do..." Good comment.

Actually such an idea goes back to Martin Luther who criticized churches for focusing on wealth and status. This led to the Reformation.

But political reformation may be even more difficult than religious reformation.