Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Coco Chanel and Pierre

CoCo and Pierre differ in their approach to branding.

CoCo: Looking at green is good for the eyes.
Pierre: Nonsense.
CoCo: Because you only see in black and white. You only read numbers, like “five,” not letters. So you cannot understand colors and words.
Pierre: You simplify too much. You think that people will buy your brand just because it is your brand.
CoCo: Why wouldn’t they? I invented my life. I am different. People buy my brand, they buy something different.
Pierre: But it must be practical. Your little gold dress, you cannot go to work in that.

CoCo: It is always better to be slightly underdressed.


Pierre is doomed. CoCo does not employ logic. She deploys associationism. She distracts by taking the conversation in another (albeit similar) direction. Debate is futile.


Anonymous said...

Brand, needs to know how to choose and use. Someone doesn't like to use a "brand" because of the brand. Choosing the right product and knowing the function jus like to choose a good partner. There are many types of buyer who needs to know how to make a right decision for choosing a right brand. Don't buy the brand because of the brand without any practical issue. Brand, only suitable for the one who knows it well and in the unique quality.

Barry Natusch said...

Agreed. Choice of product should be based on

(1) function - does it do what it is designed to do effectively;

(2) form - is it aesthetically pleasing, does it look good, feel good; and finally

(3) brand - is the company reputable.