Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Angela is upset that Robert cannot give her a bigger part in the television episode. She vents.


Angela: WHY can’t I wear the red dress?

Robert: Your part is the bad girl. Black is symbolic.

Angela: I don’t always want to play the bad girl. Sometimes I want to play the good girl.

Robert: The character becomes you.

Angela: What?

Robert: You know…

Angela: You think I can’t do GOOD? THAT ticks me off.

Robert: No need to get angry.

Angela: I’m not ANGRY! I’m just a little CROSS, PEEVED, IRKED. All right so, I’m LIVID.


There’s a lot of words for angry. Ranging from "indignant" to "wrathful," from "fly off the handle" to "go ballistic." Colorful.


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