Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Listen up

Outside the movie theater. Wilson and friend are waiting on a friend who has the tickets. Wilson makes a call.


He has the tickets, he should be here already. Hang on. Wilson! Which is it? Sherlock Holmes or Avatar?

You plumped for Sherlock? Action-psychological suspense? Ha! Hoo! Crash! Sorry, I’m depressed.

Yeah. No tix for Avatar Avatar then? Ha! Hoo! Crash! Whoosh! Pure action. Pity. Listen up. Be here in ten minutes or the show will be half over.


Interesting how some film reviews can go on for pages. Others can be summarized in a clutch of exuberant expletives.

Like “Listen!” its slightly more sedate sibling, "Listen up!" is a member of the Urging family.


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