Monday, January 25, 2010

If you will

Rolf, intellectually inclined, edits as he speaks.


Rolf: Every day (I like to, I aim to) I have to (engage in an interesting conversation, have a stimulating conversation) to have an interesting conversation. (This stuttering as I speak, These rephrasings in my speech), This editing (if you like) if you will, is my habit.

wh: But you can’t always find someone interesting to talk to. Not every single day.

Rolf: So then I will (go into) retreat to my study and take a book from the shelf. I engage in a silent dialogue, I read, I (think about it) reflect on it, then want to write. It is (a talk, a dialogue) a conversation between (the author and me) writer and reader.


A serial rephraser: one who habitually edits as he or she speaks, trying for a more accurate meaning, a finer phrase.


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