Thursday, May 7, 2009

Security cameras compromised

Another stentorian Skype exchange in an airport lounge…


Hi Toby, it’s Vince.

I’m in the airport lounge, waiting for a flight.

Couple of months in Laos.

Yeah. Good there. Anyway, what I’m calling about is, well, those new cameras are a little, a little bit, ah, a little bit, BAD…

First, those two cameras in Unit 5, they’re somewhere mounted on an RSJ. There’s a power issue there.

Yeah, that’s a good point.

And then all the new cameras have software problems, for example, the camera on top of the chimney can’t be steered.

Yeah, that’s a good point. Could be an option. So, one thing we could do is use the new cameras but using the old software protocols. Can you see to that?

No, I’m, I’m away. George’ll show you.

Yeah, OK, well, I’ll have to do this a little bit by remote control, might have to do it remotely.

Good luck, have a drink for me, wont be down that way for 6 weeks. Thank you. Cheers. Goodbye.



If I could get Vince’s name card, his would be a factory that could be an easy target with its defences down for a few days. Especially useful knowing the camera on the chimney can’t be steered!

Exchange opens and closes with where Vince is, and where he is going. He stumbles over how to describe the faulty new equipment… but in the end, blurts it out “a little bit, ah, BAD.”

Fairly clear directives, but marked by typical phone conversation repetitious rephrasings like “…by remote control, might have to do it remotely…”


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