Monday, December 1, 2008

Democracy... Thai style

A-wut and Channarong, PPP supporters, hear the court dissolved Thai government.


A-wut: Wonder what the red shirts will do now.

Channarong: They’ll hold rallies outside parliament, like we did.

A-wut: Do you think they’ll take over the airports?

Channarong: Like we did? Might. Then the army has a coup, and cleans up everywhere.

A-wut: Another coup?

Channarat: Another coup. When the coalition has reformed with new names and the vote-buying all starts again, then it's time for another coup.

A-wut: How do they buy votes?

Channarat: Go out to the provinces, spread a few million around the village heads, get them to vote you in, and then you’re on the way to making tens of millions on your original investment.

A-wut: Democracy. Thai style.

Channarat: Eventually it ends in exile if you can’t get those courts and judges under control.



A ray of hope? Words and the law prevail? Dialogue, the military holding off, due legal process being followed results in the situation maybe being resolved. For now. For now.

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