Monday, November 17, 2008

A DIAL telephone?

Elana tells Maria that her mother doesn’t have a cell phone.

Elana: I bought her one and she just put it in a drawer and won’t use it.

Maria: Why bother?

Elana: It’s her heart. It sometimes stops and I worry she might have an attack when I’m not there.

Maria: There’s a telephone in the house isn’t there?

Elana: An old one, I mean it’s not even a push-button type. It’s got a round thing on the front… with holes, you know?

Maria: A telephone you actually have to DIAL?



The digital divide becomes the social divide. You can certainly live without computers and cell phones, it is possible, yes. But negotiating with people who don’t use them can be difficult like sending an email or arranging a meeting point. It’s like encountering inhabitants from a parallel universe. Thinking of what to say to Robinson Crusoe. Or is this an overreaction?

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