Friday, October 10, 2008

Wait and see

The news can’t get any worse.


Beatrix: So what do we do? Sell everything and buy gold and yen?

Gabrielle: That’s panicking. Wait and see.

Beatrix: Wasn’t that the name of a story?

Gabrielle: Ah, the old Chinese story.

Beatrix: How did it go again?

Gabrielle: Farmer had a horse, horse ran away, everybody said, *What bad luck.” Farmer replies, “Wait and see.”

Horse returns, bringing a wild horse. “You are so lucky,” says everyone. “Not one horse, but two!” Farmer replies, “Wait and see.”

Farmer’s son rides the wild horse but falls off and breaks his leg. “What bad luck!” “Wait and see.”

Then soldiers come recruiting for a war. Son, with a broken leg was rejected. “What good luck,” says everyone. “Wait and see,” says the farmer.

Beatrix: When does it end?

Gabrielle: You leave the cycle when you die. If you’re lucky, you leave at a good luck time.



Story with Zen origins. Relies on four events (four points on a compass?) rather than the usual three events in a narrative.

Anyway, why worry? Eat chocolate, listen to music.


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