Friday, August 22, 2008

You can't miss it

Ernestine tries to pin down optimistic Olga on a meeting point.


Olga: There’s a chicken stall outside the station.

Ernestine: Easy to find?

Olga: Near the exit. Can’t miss it.

Ernestine: East exit or west?

Olga: It’s the one with the Nokia ad.

Ernestine: Remember my mobile’s at home.

Olga: No worries. I’ll see you.

Ernestine: You’ll see me? What time?

Olga: Threeish.



Expressions intended to reassure, like “You can’t miss it,” or “No worries,” can be unsettling. Especially to those who like plans, details, are nervous, or those without a mobile in this GPS, GoogleMaps era.

Pre-mobile phones, we fixed a time and place. And had a backup plan.


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