Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bumped up

On arriving at the airport, Sergei TXTs Alexander on what happened at check in.


Sergei: THNX 4 seeing me off. Taxi only took 20 mins, But at check in…

Alexander: What happened?

Sergei: Unbelievable, after being waitlisted 4 months on Thai Air, finally last week getting a seat, I get to the airport & find ... What!

Alexander: Oh no! It's a code share with Biman?!

Sergei: I can hear you chortling & wheezing from the taxi as I return to town.

Alexander: Stop it! I could have a heart attack. So much mirth is more than a mere mortal can take.

Sergei: Other day they confirmed me in Seat 11A window. I get here they sorry BC full, we have to move you to Seat 1A, other class. I’ve left in a huff. I try again tomorrow.

Alexander: Hope ur huff didnt stop u picking up ur obligatory $200 compensation

Sergei: Just recalled that so've comeback, nice lady tell me 1A in 1st class so I ask $200 compo & seat 1A as well. You think all Sorbs stupid?

Alexander: Great, but to be on safe side suggest avoid the preflight polonium welcome drink. And don’t be fooled when they land at some hangar in an expanse of tundra where the sign is being freshly painted: in German Frankfurt is "Gulaggrad"

Sergei: Who cares where this all ends? FC lounge is pretty spiffy, 4 waitresses on bended knees putting tubes in both arms, Hey, what's that sign "BUMRUNGRAD HOSPICE"? They’re asking me to sign a form.

Alexander: Just sign - this the nearest you'll get to heaven. You may even be there already.



Sergei cranks up the suspense while Alexander plays the devil.


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