Thursday, July 10, 2008

Journal writing and dieting

Penelope is incredulous that the simple act of journal writing reduces weight.


Penelope: Journal writing helps dieting? You’re kidding me. Like writing a lot burns calories?

Ursula: It’s the psychological act of writing. If you write down everything you eat, you get shy, you watch it.

Penelope: You get inhibited.

Urusula: It works in other ways. If I know I’m going to have to report, even to myself, how many glasses of wine I’ve had, it slows me down. I maybe have one less.

Penelope: Red’s OK. Specially if you have it same time as you eat reindeer. Blocks the release of free radicals.



Monitoring curbs excess. Turn a video camera on yourself when you’re being over-dramatic. You soon learn to act like a TV actor, not a stage actor.

Maybe this journal writing is a good monitoring device for more than checking food intake.

Spill the beans to your journal and see if you start edging closer to the ideal you.


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